Bulk Head

Bulk Head

Bulk head gates are fabricated from steel or stainless steel. They are designed to be placed in slots or grooved channel walls and are lifted and lowered with overhead or mobile cranes. The gate has lifting lugs for handling. The slots or grooves are lined or fabricated from steel or stainless steel for ease of insertion and good fit with rubber seals on the bulkhead gate.

Bulk head gates are used for equipment isolation such as pumps, screens and service gates. When equipped with a lintel seal, the gate can seal off heads greater than the gate height. Rubber seals around the perimeter of the gate control leakage effectively and are hydrostatically energized. Bulk head gates seal in one direction.


  • Steel, stainless steel, or aluminum
  • Large sizes and high heads
  • Embedded or face mounted guide slots
  • Flush bottom, resilient seat
  • Open channel or aperture design. Lintel (breast wall) seal for full perimeter sealing.
  • Directional pressure sealing
  • Rubber seals: Neoprene or EDPM
  • UHMW polyethylene wear and guide blocks
  • Tight leakage control: near zero in most seating conditions. Pressure engaged sealing.
  • Insert and remove at zero or balanced head. Head balancing gates or valves are available.
  • And more

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