Fabricated Slide & Weir Gates

Fabricated Slide & Weir Gates

Hydro Gate® fabricated slide gates are designed and manufactured with custom extrusions or structural and brake-formed angles, channels, and plates and are assembled by welds and bolts. Through years of fabricating experience, we have developed techniques for fabricating parts to a close tolerance and straightness. Since there are no machined parts or wedging devices in the gate itself, the gate depends upon water pressure and seal design to seat the fabricated slide. Fabricated slide gates are usually furnished with rubber seals to improve water-tightness. They are designed for either open channel use or aperture type applications.

Many treatment plants require downward-opening fabricated gates to permit a rough measurement of flow or to maintain a constant upstream water elevation. For these installations the gate slide is moved down to allow the flow of water over the top of the slide or weir plate. Most weir gates are required to be considerably wider than they are high. Gates up to 20 ft in width are not uncommon. Either manual or electrically actuated lifting devices may be utilized. Weir gates may be self-contained or not self-contained.


  • Flood Control
  • Irrigation Projects
  • Drainage Systems
  • Soil Conservation Projects
  • Water Treatment Plants
  • Sewer Treatment Plant